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Swap prerequisities
  • Access to the wallet where you hold the ERC20 ALX tokens
  • ETH cryptocurrency for paying the swap transaction gas (you will be sending your tokens to a dedicated Ethereum address)
  • DCore account (if you don’t have one you can easily create it here.
  • (optional) DCT cryptocurrency if you want to transfer the already-swapped official ALX tokens to another account on the DCore blockchain
Instructions to ALAX TOKEN SWAP

We recommend MyEtherWallet (MEW) for the ERC20 ALX token swap. The following is a guide for the ALX token swap using MEW.

  1. Go to the webpage .
  2. Access your MyEtherWallet using any of your preferred methods.
  3. Click on the “Add Custom Token” menu located on the right. MEW - Add custom token
    • Input the “Address”, “Symbol”, and “Decimal” as follows.
      • Address: 0x49b127bc33ce7e1586ec28cec6a65b112596c822
      • Symbol: ALX
      • Decimals: 18
  4. Click on the “Save” button. You can see the ALX token balance in the sidebar.
  5. Access or create a new DCore account at if you do not have one yet.
  6. In the wallet's top menu select "ALAX Token Swap"
  7. On this page, click the "Copy Address" button. Swap ID
    • Go back to your MyEtherWallet and follow the next steps.
  8. In the top menu select “Send Ether & Tokens”. Send Ether & Tokens
  9. Fill out the required fields.
    • To Address: Paste the copied address generated in the DECENT Wallet Token Swap screen into the “To Address” of your MyEtherWallet account.

      PLEASE make sure you fill out the address field with a correct address. If you send your ERC20 ALX tokens elsewhere, the swap will not be successful!

    • Amount to Send: Use the link "Send E ntire Balance" or enter the desired amount
    • Gas Limit: We recommend at least 100,000 gas limit. Unused gas will be returned to you. See the note below for more info about gas here. Send Eth & Tokens ALX
      • Please make sure you have selected ALX. Do not send any ETH or other tokens — swapping will not be successful. Send only ALX. We will not be able to refund your mistaken transactions.
  10. After entering the correct info in each field, click "Generate Transaction" and then "Send Transaction". Send Transaction
  11. Make sure the transaction is OK. Confirm the transaction, by clicking “Yes, I am sure! Make transaction”. Transaction Confirmation
    • If successful, a green message will pop up at the bottom of your screen in your MyEtherWallet account. Validation
  12. Check the swap status in your DECENT Web Wallet account, by clicking the Refresh button. Your transaction should appear with one of the following messages:

    • Confirming...
    • Waiting for swap
    • Tokens swapped
    • Swap error Validation Confirmations usually appear within a few seconds and can take up to 20 minutes to process. When your status says Tokens swapped, you are done.
    NOTE: If you see a Swap error message, please click the Contact support button next to the error message.
  13. See your official ALX token balance in the DECENT Web Wallet. In the top menu, you have the option to switch between DCT and ALX. ALX Balance

Detailed information: here

Instructional PDF: here