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Setup DCore Node

If you would like to work with a DCore Technology, please follow the next steps. They will provide you all the necessary information about how to set the environment.

In case you have not set your environment yet, please continue by following the steps written in the installation guidelines and set your environment. Then, come back to this page and continue reading.

DCore Daemon

The role of the decentd is to sign, broadcast, download and verify transactions and blocks:


Starting DCore

In the commands below, change ~/dev/DECENTfoundation/DECENT-Network-build/artifacts/prefix to ~/dev/DECENTfoundation/DECENT-Network-prefix or to any other install location, that you specified during initial configuration.

On the first run decentd will create .decent the home directory, if it doesn't exist already:


Then, in a separate console, start the command-line wallet by executing:

$ cd ~/dev/DECENTfoundation/DECENT-Network-working-dir

To set your initial password to mypassword, execute:

>>> set_password mypassword
>>> unlock mypassword

To import your account keys, execute:

>>> import_key [account_name] [private_wif_key]