Welcome to the DECENT-Network wiki!

It is a pleasure for us to have you here. In order to know what Decent is you can read the page Knowledge base or to get more into depth, please, read the page About Decent. Moreover, technical information about How Decent works you can find in the page Tech info. The use cases provided by Decent are covered in the section [Use Cases][WikiDecent/decent/usecases.md]. The page [How To][WikiDecent/decent/howto.md] will give you instructions in the process of settings.

To start to work with Decent network, follow steps written in the section Build and setup of decent node.

If you want to contribute with us as a developer, please, pay special attention to the file How to setup test network.

In case of any difficulties or questions, there is section of Frequently Asked Questions.

Have fun :) like we DO in DECENT.