Blockchain Network Explorer


The Blockchain Network Explorer allows users to examine transactions, wallet addresses, browse blocks and other network information of the Main Net blockchain.

It is a powerful tool with its main functionality to search in:

  • Blocks
  • Transactions
  • Assets
  • Accounts


Application URL: Blockchain Network Explorer

The Explorer's Main Menu

Screenshot: Blockchain Explorer's Main Menu

Decent Explorer - Main Menu

The screen header has five menu options and two elements:

  • Decent Explorer logo
  • Blocks
  • Transactions
  • Miners
  • Assets
  • Properties
  • Tab SEARCH

Landing Page / Blocks

Screenshot: Landing Page / Blocks screen

Decent Explorer - Landing Page / Blocks screen

First section of the landing page contains up-to-date information on:

  • Current DCT Supply (total amount of coins in existence)
  • Max DCT Supply (maximum supply of a given asset which may exist at given time)
  • Price in USD (source:
  • Market Cap (rank of the relative size of a cryptocurrency)
More information about this section
Term Detail cli_wallet command
Max Supply Maximal count of tokens which can be created. Note that if is_fixed_max_supply=false, then the Max Supply can be changed.
0 ≤ Max Supply ≤ 7319777577456890 (without decimal mark)
get_asset T4H
Current Supply Count of tokens which exist now.
Current Supply ≤ Max Supply
get_object 2.3.64
Market Cap
(Market Capitalization)
Theoretical value of the sum of all existing tokens, at current token price.
Market Cap = Current Supply × Current Price

And blockchain current state information:

  • No. of Transactions in the last 24h
  • No. of Accounts
  • No of Accounts in the last 30 days (new)
  • Current Height
  • Last Irreversible Block Number
  • No. of Blocks Awaiting Consensus

Second section of the landing page provides the history of blocks, with additional information: Height, Timestamp, Miner that signed a specific block, and number of Transactions in a specific block.

Using arrow buttons: < Previous and Next > you can easily navigate between blocks per specific Date.

Load More button at the bottom of the page will continue displaying 10 more blocks per click.

Detailed information about the Block

Screenshot: Block Details

Decent Explorer - Block Details

Each block on landing page contains a hyperlink, where you can examine all details about the block like Block ID, Timestamp, No. of Transactions in the Block, Miner's Name (with a hyperlink to a detailed view of the miner), Miner's ID, Miner's Reward in DCT (for that specific block) and Miner's Signature. If block contains transactions, they can be viewed in the Transactions table at the bottom of the page.


Screenshot: Transactions Page

Decent Explorer - Transactions Page

The Transactions page provides a list of transactions sorted historically with a Timestamp (recorded on Blockchain in UTC). By clicking on the Transaction ID you can explore further information about each transaction.

Transaction Details

Screenshot: Transaction Details

Decent Explorer - Transaction Details

Transaction Details provide basic as well as detailed information - in Raw Data format.

Raw data

The Raw Data section shows detailed information about the transaction. The format is not identical to the blockchain format (e.g. - for a better view for users we add decimal separators and account names).


Screenshot: Miners Page

Decent Explorer - Miners Page

The Miners page contains full list of miners on DCore blockchain along with their proposals and detailed information of their accounts. This list can be also found after logging in to DCore Voting Tool.

More information about Miners can be found here.

More information about this section
Term Detail
Rank rank of Miner, based on voting.
green dot is only beside active miners (31 active miners at the time of writing)
Success rate how many blocks Miner approved versus how many they received for approval

Miner Details

Screenshot: Miner Details

Decent Explorer - Miner Details

After clicking on Miner's name from the list, the full details of Miner's account will be displayed. More about Voting on DCore and DPoS, here.

More information about this section
Term Asset Detail
Balance DCT current balance on miner's account
Vesting Balance DCT rewards pool from mining,
can be withdrawn manually


Screenshot: Assets Page

Decent Explorer - Assets Page

Assets page displays all available tokens on DCore blockchain.

Screenshot: Asset Details

Decent Explorer - Asset Details


Screenshot: Properties Page

Decent Explorer - Properties Page

  • Block Interval - interval in seconds between blocks
  • Maintenance Interval - interval in sections between blockchain maintenance events
  • Maintenance Skip Slots - number of block_intervals to skip at maintenance time
  • Miner Proposal Review Period - minimum time in seconds that a proposed transaction requiring miner authority may not be signed, prior to expiration
  • Maximum Transaction Size - maximum allowable size in bytes for a transaction
  • Maximum Block Size - maximum allowable size in bytes for a block
  • Maximum Time Until Expiration - maximum lifetime in seconds for transactions to be valid before expiring
  • Maximum Proposal Lifetime - maximum lifetime in seconds for proposed transactions to be kept before expiring
  • Maximum Asset Feed Publishers - the maximum number of feed publishers for a given asset
  • Maximum Miner Count - maximum number of active miners
  • Maximum Authority Membership - largest number of keys/accounts an authority can have
  • Cashback Vesting Period Seconds - time after cashback rewards are accrued before they become liquid
  • Cashback Vesting Threshold - maximum cashback that can be received without vesting
  • Max Predicate Opcode - related to assert_operation - limits the set of allowed tests
  • Max Authority Depth - maximum depth of search for pub_key, related to search/validation of public keys