Android Wallet


The Android Wallet is an application that allows you to securely manage accounts on the DCore Main Net blockchain and execute general transactions. It contains your account information like account name, private key, public key, as well as links to useful tools like Voting Tool, Blockchain Network Explorer and Documentation.


Main product features and functionalities:

  • Send and Receive DCT and custom tokens on DCore
  • One account to use multiple custom tokens issued on DCore
  • Search in your transaction history and check transaction details
  • Balance in fiat
  • Share your account name and make payment requests via messaging tools
  • Fast performance of transactions, transactions details available at all times
  • Easy to use design
  • 1st class support center

Accessibility and Security features:

  • Importing account using one-time generated password in Web Wallet and QR code
  • Login via 4-digit PIN or fingerprint
  • Extra protection for sending Tokens
  • Additional security measures in a form of waiting intervals
  • Dedicated Security Centre where you can find and manage all available security features

Using the Android Wallet

In order to use the Android Wallet, the user will first require an account. While sometimes confusing, in the industry this account is also often referred to as a 'wallet'.

If you do not already have an account (wallet) on DCore, you will need to create a new wallet before using the Android Wallet application.

Accounts created previously on DCore using DECENT Go and the cli_wallet application are compatible with the Web Wallet (as are the wallet files created with them), therefore compatible with Andoid Wallet.

Android account accessibility

All DCore accounts can be activated on Android Wallet, however only by using QR code in a Web Wallet.

When you have a wallet account, information on Logging In can be found here and Logging Out, here.

General usage is described in The Android Wallet's Main Menu, Making Payments and Requesting and Receiving Payments.

Most of the above are also covered with less verbose step by step Mini Tutorials in case you need a quick-start or brief reminder.

Installing Android Wallet

If you just need quick outline instructions, see the Mini Tutorials

A set of quick Mini Tutorials have been written to use as a quick reminder or quick-start for more confident users.

Please check them out here for mini-tutorials specific to the Android Wallet.

  1. Go to the Google Play application and download the DECENT Wallet.
  2. Use the Install button and wait for the application to download and install. Then click Open.

Account Activation in Android Wallet

  • Click Login to wallet button and check the box - I Agree with these Terms of Use. Terms of Use are available by clicking on the link.
  • Continue by using the button Activate Wallet.
  • Follow the setup by clicking Next and Scan QR code.
Screenshot: Account Activation - Activate Wallet | Open your Web Wallet

Decent Android Wallet Screen Decent Android Wallet Screen

Screenshot: Initial Screen - Scan QR code

Decent Android Wallet Screen

There are two ways to use the QR code:

  • Web Wallet Menu
    • Open your web browser and login to your Web Wallet. If you do not have an account, please follow instructions here.
    • In menu use Activate Mobile App.
Screenshot: Web Wallet - QR code - Activate Mobile App

Decent Android Wallet Screen

  • Create one time password for the QR code and click Generate QR code.
Screenshot: Web Wallet - QR code - One time password

Decent Android Wallet Screen

  • Scan the shown QR code into Mobile Wallet App and enter the one time password you have set in Web Wallet.
Screenshot: Web Wallet - Scan QR Code

Decent Android Wallet Screen

  • Printable Paper Wallet All necessary information regarding your wallet is in your paper wallet. For more information click here.

    Printing of the Paper Wallet is available only when you create new account. It can be printed on the paper or saved as pdf for your later usage.

  • Confirm using Unlock button.
  • When the Success screen appears, continue by clicking Next.
  • You will be asked to protect your wallet and set up a 4-digit PIN code, by following to the next screen.

PIN code can be easily changed at any time. You can also turn on or off the Transaction Approval security setting, which is ON by default. You can also allow fingerprint authentication feature.

  • By clicking Continue, you will be welcomed in your wallet.
Screenshot: Account Activation - Protect your Wallet | Success, Wallet activated

Decent Android Wallet Screen Decent Android Wallet Screen

Logging In to the Android Wallet

Once the account has been activated, you will be required to enter the PIN / fingerprint to login to your wallet.

  1. Open DECENT Wallet application.
  2. Click Login to wallet.
  3. Enter your PIN code (or use fingerprint).
Screenshot: Logging In - PIN code

Decent Android Wallet Screen

PIN Code / Fingerprint Management

Every time you lock your phone, click Logout in your application, or your Android Wallet gets into the background of other applications for more than 30 seconds - you will be asked to Login using your 4-digit PIN code or a fingerprint (if you have allowed this option).

This is a security feature designed to prevent a misusage of your assets.

Waiting periods

In case of incorrect PIN entry too many times, application has additional protection layer for misusage in the form of waiting periods, in which case user will be notified o the length in minutes, before login is allowed again.

Transaction Approval

Transaction Approval is a security feature to ensure safety of your wallet. It has been implemented as an additional protection layer, which will ask you to confirm each outgoing transaction.

This function can be turned ON or turned OFF, but to ensure your private keys stay protected, it is recommended to have it turned ON.

PIN Code Change

  1. Login to your Android Wallet.
  2. Click the Menu icon in the left hand corner of the screen.
  3. Choose Security Center option from the drop down menu.
  4. Click on option Change PIN Code.
  5. For security purposes, input your original PIN code. Then create a new one and re-enter.
  6. Message PIN Code Changed will confirm successful operation.
Screenshot: PIN Code Change - Security Center

Decent Android Wallet Screen

Screenshot: PIN Code Change - Create a new PIN code | Re-enter your new PIN code

Decent Android Wallet Screen Decent Android Wallet Screen

Screenshot: PIN Code Change - PIN Code Changed

Decent Android Wallet Screen

Logging Out from the Android Wallet

Logout action informs the application or phone to end the current login session. It is a security feature to ensure that no action will be performed without your direct input.

There are three ways to logout from Android Wallet:

  • Logout button

    1. Click the Menu Icon in the left hand corner of the screen.
    2. Choose the Logout option from the drop down menu.
  • Automatic Logout by locking your phone (when you lock your phone and not login within 30 seconds)

  • Automatic Logout by using other applications in front of the android application (when you use other applications in front of Android Wallet, the logout will happen automatically after 30 seconds)

Account Deactivation in Android Wallet

Deactivation is an action which will remove your account information from application. To use the account again after deactivation in Android Wallet, you will have to login to Web Wallet and pair your account with Android Wallet using QR code again.

  1. Login to your account.
  2. Click the Menu icon in the left hand corner of the screen.
  3. Choose the Security Center option from the drop down menu.
  4. Click on Deactivate Account under Account Management.
  5. Continue by clicking Deactivate Wallet.
  6. Confirm by entering your PIN code or scanning your finger.
  7. Wallet Deactivated message will appear on your screen as a confirmation.
Screenshot: Account Deactivation - Warning | Deactivation Successful

Decent Android Wallet Screen Decent Android Wallet Screen

The Android Wallet's Main Menu

The Main Menu is where the application settings, Account Info, Security options and links occur. As the application will progress with more functionalities, this menu will be expanded.

Screenshot: Main Menu

Main Menu

Section Account provides your account information such as:

  • Account name
  • Private Key - can be viewed after entering PIN code or confirmation using fingerprint. Screenshot of Private Key information is not allowed in this application.
  • Public Key

Section Other provides useful links:

The Android Wallet's Main Screen

The Main screen has three active elements:

  1. Top row with the Menu button, your account name and a dropdown button with the possibility of switching between custom tokens.
  2. Current FIAT balance for custom Token. Use your finger to swipe right or left to view balance for the tokens.
  3. Buttons for performing transactions: Send and Receive.
  4. Transaction History - list of your transactions (separately per each token)
Screenshots: Main Screen - DCT, ALX

Main Home Screen - DCT Main Home Screen - ALX

Transaction History

Transaction history allows user to view full history of payments with details like account names, amount with actual transaction fee (at the time of the payment), date and time and optional memo.

Ability to copy the account name directly from history makes making and receiving payments quick and seamless.

Screenshot: Example - Transaction Details

Decent Android Wallet Screen

Search for transaction

When user would like to view the details of a specific transaction, he or she can use the search option, which can be used when searching for:

  • Full or partial account name
  • Description (memo)

More options will be available in time as the development progresses.

Making and Receiving Payments

Making and Sending Payments

To make payments using Android Wallet, the user must be logged in and have enough assets to make the payment, including the transaction fee.

Transfer fee also payable by any UIA (User-Issued Asset)

Transaction fee is also payable by any token on Dcore blockchain even when transferring a different token in your Android Wallet.

Note: If Transaction Approval is ON, you will be prompt to enter your PIN code to verify each transaction. More information here

  1. From your Main Screen select the orange Send button.
  2. Enter the recipient's account name or use Scan button to scan the recipient's QR code. Enter the amount and a description(memo) for the transaction into the appropriate fields.
  3. Click Continue and validate the correctness of entered information.
  4. To abort the transaction, click Cancel.
  5. To send the payment, click Send and confirm transaction (if required).
  6. Once the transfer has completed, a form will be displayed showing the details of your transaction.
  7. By clicking Done, your balance screen with transaction history will be displayed. By clicking New transaction you are free to make a new payment.
Screenshot: Sending a Payment - Form

Decent Android Wallet Screen

Screenshot: Sending a Payment - Confirmation Forms

Decent Android Wallet Screen Decent Android Wallet Screen

Requesting and Receiving Payments

Using the Receive option, a request for transfer is created and sent to the Sender.

Note: There is no confirmation of the request sent and no notification when the funds will be received. The receive will be listed in the transaction history and balance will be adjusted.

This is a very convenient function - to request payment, such as when the payer doesn't have the recipient's account credentials.

To send a payment request, the user must be logged into the application.

  1. Select the green Receive button. A form will be displayed with your name on top and QR code at the bottom of the screen.
  2. Enter the amount of assets you wish to receive.
  3. Optionally add a memo to describe the transaction.
  4. To confirm request for transfer use Copy to copy your account name (and then send to the Sender), Share to share your request using your phone's messaging tools or QR code at the bottom.

Note: The QR code contains a URL to the Web Wallet with all the payment details included. The person paying needs only to open this URL, authenticate their wallet, and they will be presented with a pre-populated Send form that they need only to authorise to make the transfer. The QR code can be read from screen or emailed to the person from whom payment is requested.

Screenshot: Requesting a Payment - Form | Share the Request

Decent Android Wallet Screen Decent Android Wallet Screen

Possible Error Messages

Connection Error.

Android Wallet - Connection Error
This error occurs when you are about to send a payment and you are not connected to the internet. Please make sure the connection to wifi or mobile data is allowed on your phone.

Invalid QR code.

Android Wallet - QR code Error
Please make sure the scanning QR code it the correct QR code to your decent wallet. More information here.

Not a valid DCore address

Android Wallet - Not a valid DCore address
This error advices you to make sure you have the correct wallet address. You can also use the QR scanner.

Cannot send to own address.

Android Wallet - Own DCore address
This error occurs in case you scanned your own QR code or when you input your wallet's address. Please correct the Send address.

Insufficient balance for payment.

error when account name too short
You are trying to send an amount that is not available on your account. Make sure, you input the correct amount or that you have sufficient balance.

Insufficient balance for Transaction fee

error when account name too short
For each Send request you need to pay small transaction fee. At the time of writing the transaction fee is in value of 0.001 DCT. Transaction fee can be paid only in DCT, even when transferring a different token.

Please make sure you have enough DCT balance. More information here.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I create a new wallet using Android Wallet?

Current release is the Beta version of DCT Android Wallet, as the time progresses, there will be more functionalities and options available.

How do I create a new wallet?

For creating a new wallet, please use the Web Wallet. For full information and instructions, please visit here or for a quick guideline here.

Can I use more than one wallet at once?

No, in Android Wallet there can be only one account activated at a time.

This feature might be available in a later version.

How do I contact support?

There is a Contact Support link in the Main Menu in Android Wallet, with which you can send an email to [email protected] instantly.

Can I ask to receive different tokens that the ones I own?

Yes, you can simply follow the steps to Receive a payment and by tapping on the field Crypto Currency, you will be presented with a list of all available tokens on DCore.