User Classes


DCore is a very flexible platform which can be used in a number of ways by different people.

Conceptually, configuration requirements, and command usage can be broken into 'User Classes' simplify the task of finding relevant information.

With User Classes, tasks and operations can be separated according to use making it easier for users to find the information applicable to their current use case.

The premise is that a general user, or content publisher (for example) doesn't need to know how to seed or mine while everyone needs to know how to vote or change password. By tagging the documentation with the associated User Classes, users need not waste effort learning about things that are of no immediate interest to them.

User Classes currently defined

General User

Every user is a General User and will need to know how to handle the normal 'house keeping' tasks of running DCore and working with DCT and UIAs.

This includes running the applications, creating accounts, changing passwords, making transactions, etc.


Miners need to know how to configure DCore to act as a mining node, make proposals and engage with their fellow miners.


Seeders need to know how to configure seeding nodes, configure online storage, manage content and engage with both Sellers and Buyers


A Seller is someone who has produced content and wishes to sell/distribute it online through the services of Seeders.


Buyers are individuals who wish to buy content provided by a Seeder on behalf of a Seller.


Traders buy and sell currency, as well as converting to/from other currencies and using exchanges.