Install and Run IPFS

IPFS is a distributed system for storing and accessing files, websites, applications, and data. There are a variety of ways to install IPFS, we recommend to visit that contains latest version with detailed instructions.

To run IPFS for the first time, use init command, otherwise call daemon in the command instead of init.

First launch of IPFS looks like:

ipfs init

Common launch of IPFS (the first call of IPFS was done before) is:

ipfs daemon

To test the IPFS let us create test file:

echo "version 1 of my text" > mytextfile.txt

Add test file to IPFS:

$ ipfs add mytextfile.txt
added QmZtmD2qt6fJot32nabSP3CUjicnypEBz7bHVDhPQt9aAy mytextfile.txt

Now, try to open the file from IPFS:

$ ipfs cat QmZtmD2qt6fJot32nabSP3CUjicnypEBz7bHVDhPQt9aAy
version 1 of my text

When its content is shown IPFS is set correctly.